A Quick Guide To Identifying Insect Nests And Burrows

Feb 1, 2018

By gaining more information on the types of nest an insect uses, you can begin to quickly identify infestations in and around your property. This is especially important when dealing with insects that sting. Within this article, our San Antonio pest control experts present a quick guide to identifying the nests and burrows of stinging insects.

a nest of yellow jacket wasps outside of a home in san antonio texas

Yellow Jackets

One of the common animal stings experienced by Texas residents is the yellow jacket sting. These animals can be quick to sting, particularly if their nest is disturbed. And so if their nest is on your property, you must take decisive action to have it removed by a specialist. The yellow jacket nest comprises of a paper-type carton material, lining cavities dug underground, or in hollow areas of landscape timbers or in foundation weep-holes.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are highly volatile insects commonly found throughout Texas. Their sting can cause swelling in humans and may lead to significant animal harm. To identify a potential fire ant nest, look for possible ant swarms close to the wood in your yard. There may be a dome-shaped structure which is the hub of the fire ant activity in the area. If discovered, leave the fire ant nest alone and ensure your pet remains away from the area until the removal company has dealt with the issue.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a significant nuisance throughout the region and their numbers are growing significantly year-on-year. Identifying bed bug colonies is the first step within the removal process. They usually congregate within mattress seams, closest to the head of the bed. Their presence will grow over time as their number builds. While it can be difficult to spot the bed bugs with the naked eye, brown spots across the bed are a clear sign of a bed bug infestation.

By understanding the signs of stinging & biting insect infestation, homeowners can protect their families against the many dangers these creatures cause. To learn more, speak with our expert San Antonio pest control team today.


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