Bed Bug Hazards Inside The Home

Jan 19, 2018

Trusted San Antonio, TX-based pest control company Family Pest Control is now highlighting the dangers of bed bugs. Bed bugs are known to bite and can cause secondary infections if the bite area is scratched at a later date. This means it’s imperative for homeowners to analyze their home for bed bug issues and to call a trusted local San Antonio bed bug control specialist if they suspect an infestation.

bed bugs are hazardous for your san antonio home

Bed bug numbers have risen across the U.S. in recent years as changing temperatures and increased travel has allowed significant growth in their population. Across the country, hotels and other accommodation providers are struggling to contain bed bug outbreaks. The team at San Antonio pest control company Family Pest Control has significant experience responding to bed bug infestations, and they’re now beginning a campaign to educate property owners on the dangers bed bugs can bring to their home.

In addition to potentially causing skin irritations and infections when found inside the home, Homeowners must understand these risks and begin to analyze the bed bug risk within their home environment. The team at Family Pest Control is now offering a full pest removal service and even preventative treatments to respond to bed bug issues. Their team will offer comprehensive analysis and removal at a low market price-point!

To learn more on the impact of bed bugs within the San Antonio home, contact the team at Family Pest Control.


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