Common Entry Points For Mice Around The Home

Mar 25, 2018

In mitigating the damage that mice can do to the home, property owners must learn to understand mice behavior and to analyze how the creatures enter their properties. The San Antonio rodent control team at Family Pest Control has significant experience in this area, and in this latest post, they’ll explore some of the more common entry points for mice around the home.

a mouse crawling on a counter inside of a san antonio texas home
  • Opening of Bay Windows
    The small opening at the bottom of bay windows allows mice to crawl into the home. While it’s too small for most other creatures, this opening allows the mouse inside to the living space, where they can then make their nest in between walls and within cupboards.
  • Gaps Between Soffit And Brick
    If the home is constructed with several different types of building materials, such as soffit and brick, mice can find their way in between these materials to enter the property. They can usually chew through soffit and make small holes in the outside of the property. This then allows the mouse access to the home where they can build their families in the warmth.
  • HVAC Lines
    The home HVAC line allows air inside and outside to keep the home comfortable throughout the year. But the lines also allow pests such as mice and rats inside. It’s usually a simple process for a mouse to chew through your ventilation guards outside and then enter the line. From there, they can then enter all rooms in the home as they try to find a comfortable nesting space. It’s important that your local San Antonio rodent control team inspect HVAC lines for signs of damage and intrusion.
  • Door Frames
    Another common entry point for mice within the home is door frames. These areas often chip and peel before other parts of the home, revealing small cracks that allow mice inside. It’s important that door frames are sealed effectively to both prevent creatures from entering the home and to reduce HVAC costs over time.
  • Roof Spaces
    Roof areas such as vents are ideal entry points for climbing rodents such as mice. Mice can make their way up the walls of the home and through the roof. Once inside, they can easily make it through the screen within the home and into attic spaces where they then build their nests.

In analyzing your home for rodent entry points, you can help prevent intrusion over the coming years. The rodent removal team at Family Pest Control in San Antonio is available now to guide you in protecting your property against mouse intrusion. To learn more, call the company today.


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