Expert Scorpion Control In San Antonio

Feb 27, 2017

A Painful, Potentially Dangerous Sting

A creature whose sting is synonymous with pain and suffering in many cultures, the scorpion is a potentially dangerous pest and its presence should not be taken lightly. San Antonio is scorpion country, especially in the hilly northern area of the city. Scorpion stings are rarely lethal, except in children highly allergic to insect stings, and sometimes to small pets. Nevertheless, discovering a scorpion in a shoe, under the bedclothes or crawling on the ceiling can send a chill up your spine.

If you have a scorpion problem in your San Antonio, Texas home or business, you need the help of a professional exterminator as soon as possible. And that’s where Family Pest Control comes in.

a striped bark scorpion crawling outside in san antonio texas

Elimination and Control are a Challenge

Scorpions rest for long periods after eating a meal, so it is difficult to kill them with pesticides because they don’t come into contact with the chemical frequently. We place the pesticide in areas we know scorpions seek out, such as floor & ceiling corners, light fixtures, closets, and heater/AC units. We treat attics and crawl spaces with residual dusts, and spray outdoor eaves, drainpipes and foundation mulch. Successful control requires treating the whole yard to keep scorpions from reaching the house and also to reduce their food source—insects.

Steps to Prevent Scorpion Problems

Exclusion – Scorpions can flatten their bodies enough to fit through very small openings. Brick and stone weep – holes provide easy access for scorpions to hide, and some may find their way into the wall voids and enter your home through plumbing pipe openings or electrical outlets.

Call us — we have an affordable, effective plan for ridding your home of these pests.


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