Family Pest Control Announces That Manager Has Achieved Associate Certified Entomologist Status

Dec 12, 2017

San Antonio-based bed bug removal experts, Family Pest Control have just announced that company manager Bob Cherrington has just achieved Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) status. To achieve ACE status, Bob had to gain a minimum of seven years’ pest management experience, pass a rigorous test on insect pest control, and achieve a U.S. pesticide applicator license. Bob Cherrington will now be working with Family Pest Control clients to help them identify insects and to craft safe and effective pest and bed bug removal strategies.

family pest control company manager bob cherrington posing with his team in san antonio texas

When working with a bed bug control company, it’s important their specialists not only understand bed bug behavior, health dangers and sources of intrusion but also have the ability to distinguish between bed bugs and other insects. Family Pest Control has many decades of experience within the industry, and they’re now offering clients direct access to an Associate Certified Entomologist as part of their expert services.

Bob Cherrington’s ACE qualification will help Family Pest Control clients ensure the optimal results from their insect removal work. Owner of Family Pest Control, Joanne Cherrington gave the following comment on Bob’s new qualifications.

“We’re very proud of the work Bob did and the knowledge he gained in order to become a certified ACE. It means a lot to have nationally-recognized, certified experts as part of the company.”

As part of the ACE examination, Bob Cherrington successfully answered questions on entomology, including insect identification and lifecycles, as well as control measures and the health impacts of pests. This information, as well as his experience in the industry to date, will help ensure that each Family Pest Control client receives expert guidance on their pest control requirements.

Family Pest Control has been a leader in the San Antonio bed bug control marketplace for over 35 years. Their services suite now includes treatments for a broad range of pests, including scorpions, rodents, wild animals and cockroaches. They also offer lawn care treatments for outdoor pest control. To learn more on Bob Cherrington and his expertise or book the company’s pest control services directly, please contact us at Family Pest Control or visit their business website at


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