Family Pest Control Describes The Many Benefits Of Using Modern, Non-Repellent Pesticide Chemicals For Pest Control

Jul 6, 2017

San Antonio, TX is home to many different types of little critters. Why? Because bugs love warm weather and Texas’ climate is humid throughout the year. Still, even though getting rid of pests is a necessary step in ensuring you and your family do not get infected with disease or suffer through allergies, you want to make sure that your lawn isn’t harmed in the process.

a cabinet display of family pest control non toxic pesticides

Fipronil is a modern, non-repellent product commonly used by Family Pest Control to get rid of fire ants. Unlike other pesticides, Fipronil is one of the least toxic products on the market and is even used to rid pets of fleas and ticks. Fipronil ensures that your lawn remains free from fire ants without disturbing any other natural elements.

Non-repellent pesticides are also incredibly effective because they are invisible to insects like the fire ant. Thus, the fire ant may crawl through these chemicals, return back to the nest, and infect everyone living there including the queen.

One possible downside to using these types of non-repellents is that they work a little slower than other methods. However, it is worth the wait because products such as Fipronil eventually eradicate the entire colony that has infested your lawn.

Family Pest Control has been using Fipronil for over 12 years and we have seen its success in eliminating fire ants first-hand, which is why we recommend it for all lawns that have been infested. For more information on all of the services available from Family Pest Control, San Antonio, TX residents can visit their website at or call them at 210-681-5094.


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