Family Pest Control Encourages Homeowners To Try A More Humane Approach To Rodent Removal

Jul 14, 2017

San Antonio, TX - At Family Pest Control, their exterminators believe that eliminating a rodent infestation is about more than just killing unwanted invaders, which is why they practice rodent control methods that are humane as well as environmentally-friendly. For example, instead of traditional methods, exterminators use non-toxic baits and traps that will not poison captured mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, or opossums.

a family pest control service technician setting up a rodent trap outside of a san antonio texas home

Homeowners who have reason to suspect that their homes are infested are encouraged to act quickly and call in the services of a professional company; otherwise, their rodent intruders will have more time to reproduce. Homeowners who haven’t noticed any rodent activity should still take preventative measures to protect their homes from invaders. Neglecting to successfully bait, trap, and remove rodents can cause structural damage to the integrity of a home and/or deteriorate the health of the family living within.

How To Prevent Infestation

1. Fix door sweeps and repair any damaged screens.

2. Cover holes, cracks, and other potential entrances on the outside of the home.

3. Put screens into chimney openings and vents.

4. Put food into resealable containers and throw away the garbage on a regular basis.

5. Make sure that the basement, attic, and any crawlspaces are dry and ventilated.

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