Family Pest Control Explains How To Deal With Lawn Damage From Animals/Insects & The Importance Of Proper Lawn Care

Jul 24, 2017

If you love your lawn and want to make sure that it looks great year round, you may already be worried about the potential damages that can be caused by animals and insects. Larger animals are easy to remove from the yard and don’t usually cause too much damage, but insects are a whole different story. It is important to frequently monitor the critters that are on your lawn and ensure that your home is not in danger of an explosion of bugs overnight.

a professional lawn care technician mowing grass outside of a home in san antonio texas

Family Pest Control’s Treatment Plans

To be completely safe, Family Pest Control encourages homeowners to contact a professional company that will treat your lawn and prevent insects from calling it home. Family Pest Control currently offers two options to customers:

6 Month Treatment Plan: We will apply 4-6 lbs of organic nitrogen to your lawn every 6 weeks, and other chemicals depending on the situation of your lawn.

10 Month Treatment Plan: We do whatever it takes to treat and monitor your lawn throughout the year, from fertilizing your lawn to protecting it from unwanted intruders.

To learn more about Family Pest Control and what they can do to help you with preventative lawn care, San Antonio residents are encouraged to visit their website today at or call them today at 210-681-5094.


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