Family Pest Control Offering Swift Response To Record Setting Bug Populations

Dec 11, 2017

San Antonio, TX-based pest removal experts, Family Pest Control are now offering their expert services in response to the record number of bugs located across the southwestern United States this year. The warm spring and high temperatures throughout the summer have led to increased numbers of bugs in homes across the region this year, and the team at Family Pest Control are offering a broad range of pest removal services to counteract the problem.

a bed bug crawling on human skin in san antonio texas

By turning to trusted pest removal companies for a response to bug infestation, homeowners in the southwestern United States can keep their loved ones, pets and property safe. Bugs such as ants, spiders, and scorpions have increased in number substantially since 2015, as a warmer early spring allowed the creatures more time to populate and spread across the region. Now, Family Pest Control is responding to this increasingly problematic issue.

The team at Family Pest Control offers expert guidance on all pest removal issues. They can work with homeowners to identify the signs and sources of a bug infestation and then remove the pests from the home within a quick timeframe and for the long-term. It’s the cost-effective and efficient removal service all San Antonio homeowners require.

To learn more on the range of pest removal services offered by San Antonio-based Family Pest Control, please call our team today or visit their business website directly at


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