Family Pest Control Offers Seamless Silverfish Removal In San Antonio

Mar 14, 2017

Here at Family Pest Control, we have a comprehensive understanding on pest control and pest removal. We know that local homeowners experience significant issues with silverfish and we’re dedicated to offering best in class removal services to help address this common issue.

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a silverfish crawling across a book in a san antonio texas home

About Silverfish

Silverfish are common indoor pests found in San Antonio homes. They originate from outdoor mulch beds and from yard leaf and grass litter. Their small size allows them to easily penetrate window and door seams. Silverfish are also excellent climbers and are often found living in between roof shingles and roof tiles. Wooden-shingled houses are particularly vulnerable. From the roof, they easily find ways into the attic, where they feed on the insulation-backed paper and on any organic material that may have stored, such as books, paper, clothing, decorations and cardboard boxes. Silverfish are also found in areas where there’s water within the home and that’s why kitchen sink areas, bathrooms, and water heater closets are typical silverfish feeding grounds.

Attic to Basement Silverfish Control

Silverfish prefer to live, breed, and feed in the dark and humid areas of your home. Frequent sighting of silverfish usually indicates there’s a problem up in the attic. Insecticide dust or bait can be used by silverfish removal professionals to respond to this issue.

If these pests are found in closet spaces, then homeowners risk the possibility that the insects are chewing small holes in clothing made from natural fabric materials, like cotton, wool, or silk. Baseboard and wall/ceiling surfaces need to be treated with a micro-encapsulated insecticide.

Silverfish Preventive Maintenance

By the time silverfish are first spotted by the homeowner, they are probably already numbered in the hundreds scattered all over the house. Family Pest Control does not believe it is wise to wait until these insects reach such a high population level before implementing a treatment.

If preventative measures are taken early, and residual chemical products are in place when the silverfish first tries to occupy a living area, a problem will never develop – potentially saving homeowners a lot of expense and frustration. Another side-benefit from keeping silverfish populations low is that scorpion populations will also be controlled, since silverfish are food favorites of scorpions.

Experts with years of experience are available now to remove silverfish from your home. Contact our team today to begin the silverfish removal process!


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