Family Pest Control's Campaign To Prepare San Antonio Homeowners For Spring Insect Season

Dec 12, 2017

San Antonio, TX-based experts for scorpion and insect removal services, Family Pest Control is now guiding homeowners in maintaining their properties ready for spring insect season. Our specialists are now advising homeowners to complete maintenance on gutters, windows, doors and yard spaces to minimize insect numbers around their home.

a mosquito on a leaf outside in san antonio texas

With the warmer weather now arriving across the country, many homeowners are now considering how best to secure their property against insects. Insects such as mosquitos, wasps, bees, as well as pests like scorpions and spiders thrive in the warmer weather. And so San Antonio homeowners must work with trusted scorpion, bee and mosquito control experts such as Family Pest Control to safeguard their home and family.

Family Pest Control is now advising homeowners to clean their guttering this spring season. Gutters can often be filled with standing water and debris, in which mosquitoes thrive. They are also advising homeowners to analyze their windows and doors and to fill in holes within with caulking and framing spaces. These holes allow insects to enter the home property and then nest within small home spaces. The company also advises homeowners to remove loose leaves and branches from their yard, to protect against ticks and other insects that can impact their pets.

Committing to comprehensive home maintenance can help homeowners protect their properties from insects this year. To learn more, contact the team at Family Pest Control or visit their business website at


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