Family Pest Control’s Strategies For Weed Control & Lawn Care - San Antonio, TX

Jun 30, 2017

If you are a homeowner, chances are that you take pride in your lawn and garden so it can be frustrating to find them full of sprouting weeds. At Family Pest Control we offer weed control and other lawn care services, however there are several strategies that homeowners can use to ensure your lawn is healthy and beautiful year-round.

weeds in the ground outside of a home in san antonio texas

6 Tips For Weed Control

1.  Make mulch your friend.

Mulch is the ideal environment for certain types of soil building microorganisms. It also shields sunlight from weed seeds, preventing them from germinating, so the more mulch you use, the less weeds your garden will have.

2.  Weed only at the right time.

When weeding consider the age old saying “pull when wet; hoe when dry” to ensure hassle-free weed removal.

3.  Do not disturb sleeping weeds.

Moreover, do not dig up weeds that are beneath the surface as this will bring up even more seeds and allow more weeds to grow.

4.  Make sure there are no gaps between plants.

By planting the plants you want close together; it will prevent unwanted weeds from growing in their place.

5.  Chop off their heads.

Sometimes, when you can’t remove the entire weed, lopping off its head is the next best thing as it will reduce reseeding, and limit their spread.

6. Dense and healthy grass prevents weed seed germination.

Weed seeds landing on thin or dead areas in your lawn can get all the moisture and sunlight needed to out-compete the desirable lawn grass. Use proper lawn maintenance practices to give your lawn a fighting chance against weeds.

In addition to weed removal and lawn service, San Antonio’s Family Pest Control can also rid your home of fleas, ticks, spiders, ants, cockroaches, scorpions, mosquitoes, rodents, silverfish, bed bugs, and more! To learn more about Family Pest Control and their full line of services visit their website at call them directly at 210 - 681 - 5094.


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