Family Pest Control, San Antonio, TX Experts - A Guide To Dealing With Household Pests

Jul 9, 2017

San Antonio, TX-based Family Pest Control is now helping homeowners across the region guard against rodent infestation within their property. In addition to guiding property owners on the differences between the various household pests, the company is also now offering their annual pest control program for a special fee of just $320.

By understanding the pest control issues they face within their home, property owners can begin taking active steps to resolve them. Family Pest Control has many years’ experience within the San Antonio pest control marketplace and they are now educating local homeowners on the differences between the various pests in the area as part of their latest special promotion.

a mouse poking its head out of a hole in a wall inside a san antonio texas home

Rat infestation is among the most common pest control challenges local San Antonio homeowners face. To help homeowners identify infestations, the team at Family Pest Control is explaining the clear differences between the two most common rat breeds - the Norway rat and the roof rat. For example, the Norway rat tends to be larger, and dwell in basement spaces where it chews through pipes and wires. The roof rat prefers higher areas within the home and can cause significant damage to electrical systems. Roof rats are smaller in size but have larger ears. Roof rats tend to be darker in color, either black or brown with grey streaks, whereas Norway rats are reddish-gray in color. Understanding the differences between these creatures can help homeowners quickly identify their pest control issue.

It’s the ideal time to begin resolving home pest control problems. Available for just $320, the annual pest control program from Family Pest Control provides homeowners with four pest control treatments for their property. It’s a cost-effective program, designed for complete peace of mind. To learn more about all of the services available from Family Pest Control, San Antonio TX residents can contact the company directly at 210-681-5094 or visit their business website via


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