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Dec 11, 2017

Our team here at Family Pest Control has spent many years mitigating the impact that carpenter ants have on the San Antonio home. We understand the challenges homeowners face in removing ants from their property and we harness the latest in safe carpenter ant removal methods to treat the property and remove the threat.

a swarm of carpenter ants crawling up a wall in a san antonio texas home

Carpenter Ants: A Destructive Force In The Home

Carpenter ants, and their close relatives, acrobat ants, are wood-destroying insects, and they are more prevalent in San Antonio than termites. They can invade any soft or rotten wood in a home, constructing large nests in the attic, eaves or nearby trees.

The carpenter ant, sometimes called wood ants, are mostly nocturnal, particularly during the hot summer months. Checking around your home’s outside walls, eaves, and utility wires in the early dawn or at dusk will often reveal their presence.

There are several species of carpenter ants in the San Antonio area. They are the largest of all the local ant species. Predominately, we see the large red and black colorations. However, there is also a solid black and yellow species. The acrobat ant is a smaller look-a-like, but with a heart-shaped abdomen (rear-end) that the ant will raise upward when it is irritated. Both species will occupy and chew wood and insulation to make room for building their nests.

When a colony grows large enough in population, the carpenter ant will make satellite nests throughout a home’s structure, in trees, woodpiles and under hot tubs covers – anywhere they can find some cover and moisture. If you can trace several single-file trails of these large ants throughout your home, then you have a problem that should be taken care of immediately.

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Our Removal Techniques

Fortunately, these destructive pests can be eradicated using a labeled termite at a cost far lower than for termite treatments. Our qualified ant removal experts treat all wood eaves, window casings, bedding mulch, and nearby trees. We also treat the attic, since carpenter ants will often follow utility wires that pass through trees, terminating in the attic space.

This intensive coverage ensures foraging worker ants carry sufficient pesticide back to the queen and the nest, thereby ensuring swift ant removal from the home.

We Guarantee Treatment For Six Full Months!

Our team can guarantee effective carpenter ant removal for a full six months after treatment! To begin the removal process, contact us today!


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