Family Pest Controls Tips & Tricks For DIY Wildlife Removal - San Antonio, TX

Jul 21, 2017

San Antonio, TX is home to a diverse ecosystem of all kinds of animals. Unfortunately, sometimes these animals make their way into the home and can cause expensive damages to your property. If you have recently noticed bats in your attic, you may be overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next, especially if there are a lot of them.

a sneaky raccoon breaking into a home in san antonio texas

DIY Bat Removal Tips

Your best option is to call a professional company like Family Pest Control for wildlife removal services, but if you would prefer to take care of the problem yourself, consider the following DIY bat removal tips:

  • Figure out how the bats are getting into your home and what kind of bats you’re dealing with.

  • Use nets/one-way exclusion devices to trap the bats and proceed to release them into the wild.

  • Once you are sure that you have removed every bat out of your home, seal up any open holes/cracks that the bats have been entering through (there may be more than one opening).

  • Clean your attic because the bats may have left droppings and urine that may cause mold.

It is important to remember that bats picked your home to nest in simply because they could. That is why you should inspect your home regularly to ensure that there is no way for animals to get in and out. To learn more about Family Pest Control and wildlife removal, San Antonio residents can visit their website at


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