How To Remove Bed Bugs From Clothing

Mar 20, 2018

Bed bugs are among the most difficult pests to remove from the home. They can impact bedding, furniture and other home areas and can cause significant health problems for those living in the home. Understanding the latest bed bug removal and control techniques can help San Antonio, Texas homeowners mitigate the problem. And within this latest post, their team explains how to remove bed bugs from clothing.

a bed bug crawling on fabric inside of a san antonio texas home
  1. Launder Clothing In Hot Water
    The bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive in extreme heat and so laundering your clothing on the hottest setting possible is one of the best ways to remove the creatures from your clothes. This will ensure both the bed bugs and their eggs are removed effectively.
  2. Use Lavender Oil On Clothing
    After the wash has been completed, you can also use lavender oil to make your clothing less attractive to bed bugs in the future. The product can be sprayed or rubbed on clothing to protect against bed bug exposure and ensure clothing remains clean.
  3. Vacuum The Clothing And Storage Areas
    Vacuuming your clothing can also help to get rid of any dead bed bugs or their eggs from the clothes. Oftentimes, washed clothes can still contain remnants of the insect and so using a vacuum can help mitigate the problem and provide you with the ideal clean garment.

Our trusted team at Family Pest Control is here to guide you in managing your bed bug control challenges. To learn more, call our San Antonio, Texas bed bug control team now.


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