How To Spot The Signs Of A Carpenter Ant Infestation

Jan 12, 2018

By clearly identifying carpenter ants in your home, you can then begin the steps to remove these pests from your property. Our team here at Family Pest Control has many years’ experience helping families remove carpenter ants from their homes and in this latest article our ant control experts highlight how to spot the signs of a carpenter ant infestation in the San Antonio home.

carpenter ants inside of a home in san antonio texas
  1. Rustling Sounds Between Walls
    Carpenter ants often nestle between pieces of wood with in the home. Homeowners, or their pets, may discover faint rustling sounds between the walls when they’re in the home. This is a possible indication that carpenter ants are inside the property.
  2. Piles Of Sawdust On Countertops, Windowsills And By Furniture
    Carpenter ants prefer moving with in the home in shaded areas, and so homeowners may find trails of sawdust under shelving and on top of cabinets. They may also discover trails by walls close to the placement of furniture.
  3. Hollow Wood
    When completing construction on their home, property owners may discover that the structure has been hollowed out by insects. This is indicative of carpenter ants and their presence in the home, and why it’s important to check for the presence of insects with in the property before beginning any large-scale renovation projects. While Carpenter Ants do not cause the same degree of structural damage as termites, they can weaken or ruin the aesthetic value of smaller areas of wood construction.

Carpenter ants can have a large impact on the average family home. By turning to trusted carpenter ant control specialists, San Antonio property owners can minimize the risk to their property! To learn more, speak with the experts at Family Pest Control.


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