How To Treat Wood To Mitigate Termite Impact

Mar 16, 2018

Termites can have a devastating impact on wood furniture and structural elements. Within days, an infestation can hollow-out wood structures and cause lasting damage to your property. To prevent termites from chewing through wood elements, it’s important to understand the leading wood treatment techniques. Here, our San Antonio termite control team present a few treatment options that can protect your home against termites.

termite infested wood inside of a san antonio texas home

Use Wood Polishes

Wood polishes are a great way to treat your home wood, keeping it in optimal condition, while protecting the structure against termites. Polishing the exterior with specially designed products can impact the termite’s senses and limit their ability to find and chew through the wood in the home.

Apply Borate Solution

For a more long-term and comprehensive level of protection against termites, you can also treat wood such as lumber with a borate solution. The solution is highly toxic to wood-boring insects and exhibits a low level of toxicity to humans, making it the ideal product for use in the treatment of wood within the home.

Our team can help you in achieving full control of termite issues in your San Antonio home. To learn more on wood treatment techniques, call our team now.


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