Maintaining Control With A “Barrier of Defense”

Mar 20, 2017

Treatment is the same as the Pest Control Cleanout with the exception of treating the attic. Our chemicals have an approximate life-span of 2 1/2 to 3 months, therefore, reapplying the treatment products at least every 3 months (quarterly) is necessary to prevent pest populations from becoming re-established. Unlike many pest control operators who treat only around door and window seams, or who spread granular insecticides that need water in order to be activated, Family will power-spray liquid chemicals completely around your home's perimeter – getting under shrubs, onto eaves and into rain gutters, where insects thrive.

a family pest control service technician inspecting a san antonio texas home for pests

Preventive Maintenance of Your Home’s Interior

Many pest control companies claim they practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management), a fancy term for the practice of applying insecticide only when a problem exists. Family Pest Control believes that all pest exclusion efforts be adopted when possible to physically prevent pests from entering your home. However, the re-introduction of bedbugs, German cockroaches, silverfish and other pests causing health concerns and damage to our homes is occurring largely due to the lack of preventive chemical treatments

Customized Treatment Plans

Many homes get excellent pest protection from services performed four times a year (quarterly), however, there are conditions that make more frequent treatments necessary. Sometimes new homes built on hillsides will experience scorpions and centipedes attempting to reclaim their home territory. Also, unusual weather conditions, age of homes in the neighborhood and foliage density can all produce large populations of pests inhabiting areas around your home. The treatment plan may, in those cases, be modified to either extend the Barrier of Defense by treating the entire yard, or by performing the same treatment more frequently, such as monthly or bi-monthly. Since Family Pest Control does not require Treatment Contracts, we can easily change your treatment strategy at any time and as frequently as you wish.


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