Our San Antonio Scorpion Removal Team Highlights 4 Common Scorpion Nesting Areas Around The Home

May 18, 2019

Scorpions are a common pest in and around San Antonio. They can cause distress within the home solely with their presence and their stings can be dangerous to both children and animals, while being exceptionally painful for adults. To begin the scorpion removal process, San Antonio homeowners must first look for nesting areas in their home. In this post, we highlight three common scorpion nesting areas.

a striped bark scorpion crawling on the wood floor of a home in san antonio texas

1. Under Logs In The Garden

For homeowners with large gardens with trees, it’s important to remove any chopped down trees at the earliest available opportunity. That’s because scorpions love the dark and cool areas within the log and will build their nest there so their family has relative safety. Be careful checking logs in the yard and remember to call a removal specialist if a scorpion nest is suspected.

2. Exterior Walls

The cracks within exterior walls are also highly suitable habitats for scorpions to build their nests. Scorpions can climb almost any structure with a rough surface, and will use this ability to climb exterior walls and make their way inside small cracks between bricks.

3. Under Carpeting

Once the scorpion has made its way inside the home, their nests can often be found under carpeting and in cool basement spaces. This type of environment allows them to remain cool while offering quick access to other bugs for feeding.

4. Attics

Scorpions will seek shelter from the winter cool months by climbing up walls to enter the attic through utility line and soffit gaps. They will semi-hibernate there until the late spring when the attics begin to get warm, then they will drop down to the next floor level through ventilation and ceiling light fixture gaps.

Homeowners that spot a scorpion in and around their San Antonio home must call our trusted removal team directly. To learn more on common scorpion nesting spots, speak with our team today at 210-681-5094.


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