Our San Antonio Experts Highlight The Most Successful Pest Removal Techniques

Dec 11, 2017

By learning more on the techniques pest removal teams use, homeowners across San Antonio can educate themselves on the steps required to get rid of a variety of different pests. Our specialists have decades of experience within the San Antonio pest removal market, and within this latest post, we highlight the most successful pest removal techniques for specific creatures.

a family pest control service technician setting up a wildlife pest control station outside of a san antonio texas home

Rodent Trapping

For outdoor rodent control, many families have achieved success with an outdoor bait station. The bait stations are constructed from professional strength polymer and are weighed down with cement. They are safe for use around children and other animals and will ensure the rodents enter the station and die inside. The trap can only be accessed with a key, and will be opened to retrieve the animal when the pest control company returns.

Spider Pesticides

Companies across the marketplace are now using safe pesticides to remove venomous spiders from the property. These solutions, which include microencapsulated chemicals and dusts, have been proven highly effective in killing all species of spider and removing the threat to the home. The spider removal process is often concluded with sticky traps to ensure successful elimination.

Flea And Tick Treatment

Pest removal teams can now harness pet-safe pesticides to effectively remove all fleas and ticks from the home. The process may take up to two weeks, but companies such as Family Pest Control now specialize in the complete removal of all fleas and ticks from local homes. Treatment kills biting fleas and prevents eggs and pupae from developing.

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