Our San Antonio Rodent Removal Experts Highlight The Dangers Of Rodent Feces

Dec 10, 2017

Rodents can have a significant impact on a home. They can chew through foundation areas causing structural damage and eat their way through all food in kitchen spaces. But the vast majority of the danger posed by mice and rats is actually through their feces. Within this latest post, our San Antonio rodent removal team highlight the many threats posed by rodent feces.

rat feces on the floor of a san antonio texas home

Rat Bite Fever

Rat bite fever is a dangerous disease spread by rodents and their droppings. The disease can be potentially fatal in small children and older people and there has been a significant increase in incidence in recent years.


Rodent droppings infected by the hantavirus can cause life-threatening illness in people of all ages. The virus spreads via feces. The best form of protection against the virus is to remove rodents from the home using professional rodent removal services.

On-Going Infestation

Without effective removal of feces from the San Antonio home, an infestation can occur. Rodents will smell the feces and recognize the area is safe for their return again and again until the feces and all elements of infestation are removed. This means that to prevent their home being overrun by rodents over the long-term, property owners should review local area San Antonio rodent removal services.

The rodent removal experts here at Family Pest Control are equipped to respond to all infestation issues and to guide homeowners on the dangers rodent feces can bring to their property. To learn more on this topic, call our experts today!


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