Our San Antonio Scorpion Removal Experts Present A Step-By-Step Guide On Avoiding Stinging Insects

Feb 8, 2018

Stinging insects such as scorpions and hornets can have a significant impact on your home. They can injure children and pets and cause fear in what should be a safe and welcoming environment. This means that homeowners should have a strategy for avoiding stinging insects within their home. In this post, our San Antonio scorpion removal team provides the benefit of their experience with their step-by-step guide on avoiding stinging insects in the family property

a striped bark scorpion crawling on the floor of a home in san antonio texas
  1. Always Check Shoes And Socks
    This is a common practice for those in warm countries where venomous creatures are found in their millions. But it’s also important here in the U.S. Before you head out for the day, check your shoes and socks for small spiders and scorpions. These creatures love to hide out in dark warm places and will be more likely to sting or bite your foot if they are in danger of being stepped on.
  2. Remove Brush Near The Home
    Scorpions and snakes in particular like the shade and enclosed comfort of leaves and other lawn waste. To ensure they don’t gather close to the home, remove all waste as soon as possible. You should also check lawn waste carefully if your children or pets spend a lot of their time outside. Advise children to avoid playing with brush when they’re in the yard.
  3. Watch For Nests In Roofing Areas
    Hornets, bees and other creatures like to build nests in the corners of the home and shed roofs. Check your roof regularly for hives and watch for a large accumulation of insects, particularly in the evening time when temperatures cool. If you identify a nest close to your home, contact a local removal specialist to identify the creature and take them away safely from the property.

Our trusted San Antonio scorpion, snake, and spider removal specialists are experts in handling venomous creatures. We know the dangers they pose and the impact they can have on your home. Call us today to learn more on how to effectively protect your home against intrusion from venomous creatures.


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