Our San Antonio Scorpion Removal Team Offers Their 3 Scorpion Warning Tips

Dec 10, 2017

Scorpions are found throughout the southern United States in large numbers. And the vast majority of species present little danger for humans. But if you’re living within these areas of the country, it’s important to learn more on the potential harm scorpions can cause to your loved ones. To help provide further information on scorpions and assure protection over the long-term, our San Antonio scorpion removal team offer their three scorpion warning tips in this latest post.

a striped bark scorpion on a tree branch in san antonio texas

1. Shake Out Clothing And Bedding When Camping

We know that scorpions like to spend their time in darker, warm areas and so when you leave bedding and clothing on the ground during a camping trip, you’re inviting scorpions and other creatures to make their way inside. Shake all bedding and clothing before use and watch for potential critters scuttling away.

2. Remove Sources Of Food

One of the reasons many homeowners encounter dangerous scorpion species such as the Arizona Bark Scorpion is that they leave out sources of food for them. Ants, crickets and other sources of scorpion food near the home can be an open invitation. Try to remove any small insects from the home the moment they’re spotted to limit the number of larger creatures entering the home.

3. Never Force a Pet To Capture A Scorpion

If your dog or cat is attempting to catch a scorpion near or inside your home, pick up the animal immediately and move it away. Dangerous creatures such as the Arizona Bark Scorpion have stings that can severely injure or even kill pets and so scorpion removal is best left to local San Antonio experts.

To discover further tips in scorpion protection this season, call our trusted removal team in San Antonio today!


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