The 4 Important Reasons You Need Expert Termite Removal

Mar 9, 2018

We know the impact that termites can have on the average Texas property. These small creatures can weaken structures and chew through furniture in a short amount of time, causing thousands of dollars in damages. It’s why so many are now turning to professional termite removal teams throughout Texas. In this article, the team at Family Pest Control explains the important reasons homeowners require expert termite removal in the home.

termites swarming on wood in san antonio texas
  1. Termites Act Quickly
    The impact of termites on the average home is swift, particularly if there is moisture within the wood in the home. A normal colony eats a pound of wood per year, and includes over 1 million termites. And so they can make short work of wood furniture. Without a professional response, homeowners may kill some termite workers but not kill the colony’s Queen, allowing them to grow in number while the problem is thought to have been resolved.
  2. Structural Damage Weakens The Property
    The structural damage that termites can cause to wood homes can have an immediate impact on the safety of those inside the property. Termites can chew through foundation spaces and areas around windows and doors, causing degradation to load-bearing structures. It’s critical to work with a professional in analyzing the extent of the termite infestation to ensure the ongoing safety of those inside the home.
  3. Termite Removal Systems Can Be Toxic
    It’s also important for Texas homeowners to recognize that some termite removal products can be highly toxic and may cause significant health issues over the long-term. That’s why it’s imperative that only professionals with years of experience handle the removal systems and use their knowledge to mitigate the potential hazards within the home. The team at Family Pest Control uses their decades of experience to treat home areas safely and remove termites with precision.
  4. Professionals Can Identify Termites
    Another unique benefit in working with professional termite removal companies is that their teams are trained to identify termites with precision. They know the differences between termites and ants, and can identify the various species, each of which have to be treated differently. This means they can help prevent homeowners from wasting their time when they don’t have a termite issue, while ensuring that any termite presence is dealt with expertly.

The team at Family Pest Control has many years’ experience working with Texas homeowners on termite removal projects. To learn more on home termite removal challenges, or to speak with one of their in-house experts, please call their team now.


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