The Hazards Of Bed Bugs Around The Home

Feb 5, 2018

San Antonio, TX-based bed bug control specialists, Family Pest Control are now beginning a new campaign to educate local homeowners on the hazards caused by bed bugs around the home. The company’s service team can work with homeowners to identify the signs of bed bugs and implement a seamless bed bug removal strategy.

a bed bug crawling on the floor of a home in san antonio texas

The number of reports of bed bugs in homes across Texas has risen dramatically in recent years. As the number of infestations grows, more families are discovering the problems bed bugs can cause within their home. These small creatures can infest bed frames, mattresses, wardrobes, and cupboards, and have an irritating bite that may cause swelling of the skin. It’s important to adopt a proactive removal strategy if bed bugs are suspected in the home, and that’s why many local homeowners are now turning to Family Pest Control.

Family Pest Control harnesses refined removal methods to safely remove bed bugs from their clients’ properties. Their teams have many years of experience in bed bug removal work, and this means they can quickly identify all the signs of a bed bug infestation in the home. Family Pest Control also offers some of the most affordable bed bug removal services across the region today.

It’s the trusted service for effective bed bug control in the San Antonio home. To learn more on Family Pest Control and their work, please contact their office team directly today.


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