Three Dangerous Rodents Living In Your Home

Apr 14, 2018

By learning more on the threats to your home, you can take a proactive stance in minimizing the danger for you and your family. Our team are experts in the safe and effective rodent removal process, and in this latest post, we’ll help outline three of the most dangerous rodents living within your home.

a woodrat inside of a home in san antonio texas
  1. Rats
    Rats can live in almost any environment within the home. They are adaptable and can breed quickly to cause significant infestation issues throughout the family property. Rats are dangerous due to the number of diseases their droppings and urine may carry. For example, they can expose humans to hantavirus, E.coli and Salmonella, each of which can be deadly.
  2. Common Mouse
    One of the most common dangers that mice inflict on a family property is the impact of their gnawing on property structures. Mice can quickly chew through load-bearing walls and foundations to weaken the integrity of the building structure. It’s imperative that any mouse presence is immediately brought to the attention of experts for the safe removal of rodent populations.
  3. Woodrat
    Woodrats are a slightly different species to the common rat found in the family home. They’re known for their ability to chew through almost any material within the confined space. And this might mean that they chew through wires throughout the home. This can cause a significant fire hazard and may mean that a homeowner has to spend thousands of dollars re-wiring their property.

Our team at Family Pest Control can help guide you on the latest rodent dangers to your property. To learn more on our company and our service, book a consultation today!


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