Tips For Avoiding Bug Bites This Summer

Dec 11, 2017

It’s close to the peak of the summer season and the bugs are now outside in large numbers. They are most likely to be found close to fresh water sources and in areas of dense brush and grass. And so families going for picnics in the local region this summer and those taking day trips to many of San Antonio’s outdoor attractions should consider their preparation for avoiding bug bites. In this latest article, the trusted pest removal team at Family Pest Control in San Antonio will offer their guidance for avoiding bug bites this summer.

a mosquito biting a resident of san antonio texas

Pack Insect Repellent

When planning a trip for the day, remember to pack insect repellent. The leading products contain at least 20% DEET, which is the required active ingredient for bug protection. And the higher the amount of DEET within the product, the longer the product will protect against bug bites.

These products are suitable for protection against mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs. Pack the repellent in a safe, easy to access area when traveling in a vehicle. Remember to never use the insect repellent directly on a person’s skin and only on their clothes. For those that are applying sunscreen in addition to the insect repellent, apply the sunscreen first so that the repellent isn’t washed off by the sun protection. San Antonio pest removal experts also advise families to keep repellent out of the reach of children for optimal safety.

Wear Long Sleeve Clothing

While it’s summer, travelers across the local region can also avoid bug bites by wearing long sleeve clothing and long pants when they’re outside. Try to ensure that lightweight clothing is worn to help the family remain cool while ensuring effective protection against bugs. They can then switch to short sleeve clothing and shorts when they move inside away from the potential for bug bites.

Showering After Outdoor Time Can Reduce Potential Disease Exposure

By showering within two hours of being outside and exposed to insect-transmitted diseases, families can avoid potentially contracting the disease. This means parents should advise all members of the family to hop in the shower for a few minutes after they’ve had fun in the sun this summertime.

Use Bed Nets In Areas With Significant Bug Activity

To reduce the chances of being bitten in the nighttime this summer, try to use bed nets around sleeping spaces. Bed nets provide a protective barrier around the person sleeping and limit the spaces for bugs to enter and impact the skin. Remember to tuck the bed net under the mattress if it doesn’t reach the floor, to achieve effective protection.

By following the guidance in this article, families can protect both children and adults against the dangers of bug bites this summer time. To learn more, call the pest removal experts at Family Pest Control in San Antonio directly at (210) 802-4406 or visit our website at


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