What Are The Signs My San Antonio Property Is Infested With Fire Ants?

Jan 17, 2018

Fire ants are an aggressive insect that feed primarily on other insects as well as dead animals. They also have one of the most painful stings of all ant types and so it’s important that you have a clear understanding on the signs of fire ant infestation around your home. In this post, our trusted San Antonio fire ant control experts will help identify the signs of fire ant infestation.

fire ants outside of a home in san antonio texas

Dome Shaped Hills Up To 12 Inches High

A clear indication of a fire ant infestation is the appearance of fire ant nests. These nests are usually found close to structural foundations and landscaping areas, as fire ants prefer to nest in loose earth. Their nests appear as dome shaped soil structures and can be anywhere from seven to twelve inches in height and larger than two feet in diameter.

Fire Ants Are Small And Often Reddish To Reddish Brown

There are several native species of fire ants, as well as some imported species; most importantly the red imported fire ant. Fire ants are often just 1/8 to 1/4 inch in size, but despite their small size, they will defend their nest aggressively. If you find fire ants in your home, they have to be coming from a nest just outside your home, or maybe even from under the house foundation. Applying ant baits to each individual mound can be tedious and often ineffective, since the worker ants sometimes remove their queen to another location once they sense imminent danger to the colony. Texas A&M research dismisses the effectiveness of the age old practice of pouring hot water into each mound because the queen is often moved before the hot water reaches her.

Hills Located In Sunny Locations

The fire ants' hills are usually located in sunny locations with plenty of natural light during the spring and winter months, since the earth mounds act as a heat sink, warming the interior nest underground. They are also distinguished by having no opening in the center. Fire ants enter and leave their hills via underground tunnels in the area. In the hot summer months, the ants will move their nest deeper under the earth and the dirt mounds disappear. However, if the nest is stepped on, or if a lawn mower is pushed over the nest, they will come out aggressively and ready to sting.

Effective fire ant control is critical for San Antonio homeowners! Our treatments are guaranteed to keep fire ants out of your home and yard for one full year. To learn more on the control process, speak with the trusted specialists at Family Pest Control.


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