Why San Antonio Homeowners Choose Family Pest Control For Mosquito Removal

Dec 11, 2017

Removing mosquitoes from your home can be a difficult process. You might remove one insect only for several others to appear an hour later. This can be frustrating for homeowners trying to prevent the spread of disease in and around their home. Fortunately, our San Antonio mosquito control team is equipped and ready to respond to all mosquito control challenges. In this latest post, we’ll look at why so many homeowners now choose our mosquito control team.

a family pest control service technician spraying a home in san antonio texas for mosquitoes


Our experience is second-to-none in the local marketplace. We’ve worked with business owners, homeowners, and building owners from across the region to remove mosquitos from their property and prevent their return. We use an established framework for mosquito control that involves the application of parathyroid insecticides and insect growth hormones using a mist blower to reduced more than 95% of mosquito activity in as little as one month.


Our team is also committed to communicating expertly with all homeowners on their mosquito control issues. We can answer any question you might have about your unique challenges and provide you with clear guidance to keep your family safe both in the short and long-term. During your initial free consultation, you can speak directly to a mosquito control specialist.


The methods we use and the guidance we provide are based around the safest possible ways to prevent mosquito intrusion in and around the home. We value safety highly within our work and so we’re able to help keep you and your family safe while reducing mosquito populations significantly.

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