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Jan 29, 2018

A creature known for having a painful, potentially deadly sting, the scorpion can be a dangerous presence in the San Antonio home. The state of Texas and San Antonio, in particular, is home to a number of scorpion species. The hills in the northern area of the city are prime scorpion territory, and so local homeowners should be aware of the dangers scorpions pose.

a striped bark scorpion crawling on the ground outside of a home in san antonio texas

What Impact Can Scorpions Have on the Home?

One of the most significant impacts scorpions have in San Antonio is the danger from their venomous sting. There are a number of dangerous species within the region, including the striped back bark scorpion, with a sting that can injure young children and pets. While scorpion stings are rarely deadly, their presence must be met with caution. And that’s why many choose our trusted team of San Antonio scorpion control professionals to complete the removal process. If you have a scorpion control issue in your San Antonio property, call our team today.

Our Careful Removal Process

Because scorpions rest for long periods after eating, it can be difficult to kill them with pesticides as they don’t come into contact with the pesticide chemical frequently. This means we must treat many areas of the home to ensure effective removal. Our expert team places the pesticide in areas we know the scorpions inhabit, such as light fixtures, closets, and ceiling corners. We also treat attic spaces and crawl spaces with residual dust, while spraying outdoor eaves and drainpipes to catch the remaining few scorpions immediately outside the home. A fully successful control program requires treating the hidden spaces inside the home and areas in the yard to remove scorpions as well as the insects they feed upon. Because scorpions are able to flatten their bodies and fit through the smallest of openings in brick, and stone areas, it can be challenging to block their entrance to the home. This means proactive identification and removal is the leading method for controlling their population. Our San Antonio experts are ready to help you begin the scorpion control process!

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