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Family stops fire ants from taking over your yard

Did you know that there are over 200 species of fire ants? Despite popular belief, they don’t get their nickname from being fire red, as most people believe.  They get their nickname because they’re stinging ants.  Anyone who has had the misfortune to come into physical contact with a fire ant nest in the San Antonio area understands why they’re called “fire ants.”  Depending on which of the 200 species you’ve had the misfortune of dealing with, your skin can feel like it is literally on fire for hours after being stung!

The experts at Family Pest Control understand the importance of ridding your property of fire ants. Serving San Antonio and surrounding communities, Family Pest Control has the knowledge and expertise to get rid of fire ants and are ready to help you take back your property!


How Family eliminates fire ants

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How Family eliminates fire ants

At Family Pest Control, we’ve been helping customers with fire ant infestations since 1981.  When you contact us for fire ant control, we’ll put our years of experience and tools to work finding and eliminating fire ant infestations.

Unfortunately, fire ants are a little less visible than other pests.  Unless they’ve built a nest that you can see, mounded on the ground, detecting them will require some finessing. 

Fire ants rarely live in wooden structures or in foundations of buildings.  Our licensed technicians will need to conduct a thorough treatment of your entire yard, as well as all shrubs and flower beds, to exterminate and prevent future infestation. This blanket coverage is the most cost-effective way to exterminate fire ant problems from your property.


Family Pest Control's fire ant control warranty

Once our technicians have treated your entire property, you will be fire ant free for at least 12 months!  Fire ants will not build new nests in your soil for a full year. 

If you find that fire ants have returned within one year of treatment, so will our technicians!  We don’t like losing.


Fire ant control frequently asked questions

How much do fire ant control treatments cost?
Pricing for fire ant control from Family Pest Control starts at just $185. This includes inspection, treatment and the one-year warranty for up to 5,000 square feet. 

Every additional 1,000 square feet will mean another $15 is added toward the final bill.

How can I know if I have fire ants on my property?
Apart from seeing nests or mounds, and knowing that’s what they are, there are a couple of tricks to determine whether or not you’re dealing with fire ants. 

Find a stick and poke an ant or two.  If they choose to climb up the stick and head toward your hand, you’re most likely dealing with a fire ant colony.  The ants are going to try to get to your hand to sting you, so make sure you drop the stick before that happens.

If you or your child has been stung by fire ants, the result always includes a small blister.  Sting patterns often occur in a line, rather than scattered.  


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