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Stop mosquito bites with professional solutions

There are over 3,500 different species of mosquitoes known to man. These blood-sucking pests can spread deadly diseases throughout livestock and humans. Residents of the San Antonio area are no strangers to these pests. An influx of mosquitoes can last for generations as they reproduce, feed, and repeat.

Family Pest Control has been treating mosquito-plagued customers since 1981. We’re no strangers to annoying bugs. We take pride in eliminating mosquito problems from our San Antonio customers’ homes.

Our mosquito control options

To get rid of mosquitoes that are chasing you indoors, Family Pest Control takes on pesky, biting mosquitoes with solutions that are designed to eliminate adult mosquitoes AND stop mosquitoes from breeding!

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Monthly mosquito treatments

The best way to treat your property for mosquito infestations is by blanketing the entire area with our effective mosquito misting treatments.

Our experienced technicians will focus on areas where mosquitoes like to rest and mate, including trees, shrubs, gutters, eaves, overhangs, and patios.

Standing water can be a hot bed for mosquitoes, and our technicians know to address these areas, as well.  We talk with homeowners to ensure the safety of pets while exterminating mosquito larvae.

in2care mosquito trap in san antonio yard

In2Care mosquito traps

During the breeding months of February to November, our technicians will deploy In2Care mosquito traps.

These traps trap and kill adult mosquitoes, as well as halt breeding. For optimum efficacy, we recommend a three-trap minimum for every 5,000 square feet of infested property.

We treat the In2Care traps on the final Thursday and Friday of each month. It requires full access to your property for a short period. While our technicians will look out for your pets, it's best if you can shut them safely inside.



Mosquito frequently asked questions

How much do monthly mosquito misting treatments cost in San Antonio?
Standard mosquito treatment pricing is $85 per month per treatment for properties up to 5,000 square feet in size.

It's $10 more for every 1,000 square feet beyond the initial 5,000.

Should you choose to sign up for 6 or more treatments, we’ll reduce our fee to $75 per month per treatment. Our extra square footage charge remains the same.

How much do In2Care mosquito traps cost?
Once we've installed In2Care mosquito traps, they're yours.

Family Pest Control will assess a one-time setup fee of $45 per trap, but the following months will only be $20 per trap to reset and retreat them.

What are In2Care mosquito traps and how do they work?
In2Care traps prevent mosquito populations from reproducing. The traps attract female mosquitoes. When they exit the traps, they carry the bioactives with them.

The infection that the females have taken with them will follow into their larvae. The larvae die soon after infection, and the infected adults die within a few days of infection. 

Are mosquitoes in San Antonio,Texas even dangerous?
The threat that mosquitoes carry diseases harmful to humans or livestock is a real one. There is a long list of diseases that mosquitoes can spread, some of which can be deadly.

For more information, check this publication released by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, regarding the genuine threat of mosquito-based West Nile virus.


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