Whether you have an extreme fear of spiders or simply don’t like the idea of sharing your home with spiders, you’ll want to know exactly what type of spiders are in your home. While most spiders are harmless, some pose health risks and may require assistance from a professional pest control company to remove safely.

What types of spiders are common problems in San Antonio?

Spiders are found in almost every home and lawn in America. But some spiders can cause concerns for homeowners with small children or pets. Some of the most common spiders in San Antonio are the brown recluse, black widow, house spiders, and wolf spider. Most of these spiders are harmless. Avoid contact with brown recluses and black widows, though.

brown recluse spider outside of san antonio texas home

Brown recluse spiders

Brown recluses are dark brown in coloration and have narrow abdomens. They hide in dry dark areas of the home such as closets. When outside, they can be found in brush or woodpiles as well as in garages. Brown recluses will bite if provoked. Their venom can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

black widow spider weaving a web on san antonio texas families porch

Black widow spiders

Black widows are one of the most well-known venomous spiders in the U.S. They are small black spiders with large round abdomens and distinct color patterns. They generally grow to about half an inch in length. These spiders pack a medically significant bite and should be avoided at all costs.

house spider outside of san antonio texas home

House spiders

The house spider is an umbrella term for many common small spiders. This category includes orb weavers, harvest-men, etc. found in homes and garages. They are typically harmless, but their webs can be large and unsightly.

wold spider in the driveway of a san antonio texas home

Wolf spiders

Wolf spiders are a native type of spider that grow to a length of about 2 inches. There are many different types of wolf spiders, but they all have similar tendencies. Wolf spider's coloration is light to dark brown, including a dark striping pattern. Wolf spiders get their name from the way in which they catch their food. Unlike other spiders, wolf spiders do not create webs. They are usually found hiding under excess cardboard, logs, leaf litter when hunting.

Are spiders dangerous?

Many common house spiders are not dangerous. However, care should still be taken when removing webs, or spiders from the home. Spiders such as brown recluses and black widows can pack a nasty bite. If bitten by a venomous spider, contact a physician as soon as possible. Familiarize yourself with which spiders in your area are venomous and avoid contact.

How do I get rid of spiders?

Identifying spiders can be a hard task. We recommend not trying to remove spiders unless you know they are not venomous. If you suspect that you may have black widows in your home, contact a professional for removal. Black widows are capable of laying large egg sacks that mature quickly. A professional will be able to assess the situation and recommend a treatment plan. Family Pest Control offers many treatment plans that have successfully eradicated these pests.

Does Family have any spider prevention tips?

Here are some simple ways to keep spiders out of your home:

  • One of the best ways to keep spiders from entering your home is to fill all gaps along the foundation of your home.
  • Take care when inspecting window frames and doorways as well.
  • Look for rips or tears in window screens, as spiders access your home in this way.
  • Look for and clean up any bushes, weeds, or other debris on the exterior of your home.

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