What do gray squirrels look like?

The Eastern gray squirrel is one of the most common squirrels to be found in Texas. For comparison purposes, they are slightly smaller than the fox squirrel, weighing in at a petite one pound. As their name suggests, they are gray in color with white ear tips and a white underbelly.

gray squirrel in san antonio tx

Are gray squirrels dangerous?

Squirrels can bite if provoked, and will scratch to get away from a predator or homeowner when cornered. Open wounds caused by squirrels should be immediately washed well with soap and water, then evaluated by a doctor, as they can cause secondary infections. In worst case scenarios, squirrels can also pass along rabies if they are carriers of the disease.

Squirrels can bring secondary infestations such as fleas and ticks into your home. It is important to consider treating your home for other pests that may have hitchhiked in along with squirrels.

Home damage caused by squirrels can be extensive. Squirrels are large rodents that enjoy chewing on both the interior and exterior of your home. This can include damaging electrical wires, insulation, and drywall.

Why do I have a gray squirrel problem in my home?

Squirrels are attracted to excess pet food, such as bird seed, during lean winter months when their access to food outside is more scarce. As the weather changes, squirrels may enter your home looking for a more hospitable place to spend the winter, or, in the spring, they may be looking for a secure place to raise their young.

I hear noises in my attic - how do I tell the difference between squirrels and other rodents?

An important factor in determining the type of rodent that has moved into your home is to carefully listen to when they are most active. For example, squirrels are most active just after dusk and early in the morning, while rats will continue to make noises throughout the night. You can distinguish between squirrels and mice in the same manner; mice are also most active in the middle of the night when they are least likely to be disturbed by homeowners. 

How do I get rid of gray squirrels?

Squirrels can be difficult for the average homeowner to eradicate. Family offers a variety of well-tested and effective wildlife removal services. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed pest control specialists, contact us.

Family Pest’s squirrel prevention tips

Here are some tips to try to keep squirrels out of your home:

  • Seal up all holes, gaps, and entry points leading into your home from the outside. This means filling in gaps around pipes, and electrical boxes, as well as doorways, and attic spaces. Remember that squirrels can flatten themselves quite a bit, the general rule being that if their head will fit through an opening so can (and will) the rest of the squirrel.
  • Remove tree branches and bushes that may come close to or touch the sides or roof of your home.

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