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Effective termite control for San Antonio homes  

San Antonio and the surrounding areas experience high termite activity. It’s not a matter of if your home will become infested by these wood destroying insects but when. 

At Family Pest Control, we understand the havoc these insects can cause. Whether they’re subterranean termites or Formosan termites, they’re problematic and need to go. That’s why we highly effective termite control services that address foraging termites as well as entire termite colonies. 

Our termite control process

Family Pest Control has been treating termites for almost 40 years. We’re termite experts and have a comprehensive process for finding, eliminating, and preventing termite infestations.

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Termite inspection

A licensed pest control technician will come to your property to conduct a thorough inspection to identify if you have termites, the severity of termite activity and damage, as well as the conducive conditions that could be attracting these pests to your home.

Based on the findings, the technician will develop a termite control proposal for you to review.

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Termite treatment

Our expert personnel relies on Termidor® liquid treatments to completely eradicate termite activity within our customers' homes. We will dig a shallow trench around the entire perimeter of your home and rod the product into the base of the foundation to create a barrier against termites.

We do not stop there. We will treat all plumbing penetrations through the entirety of your foundation and, if necessary, treat any crawl space or attic that may be susceptible to termite activity. The only way to fully stop termite damage is by eliminating all threats.

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How does Termidor® work?

Termidor® is especially effective because it binds to the soil of a treated area, leaving it protected for up to seven years after treatment. It is an odor-free substance that termites are naturally attracted to. Once termites encounter the product, they carry it back to their colonies and spread throughout their community. Once infected, the termites die within days. 

Termite pre-treatment services

Pre-treatment services are highly recommended in most southern states. The warmer climate ensures termites can easily live all year ‘round. Pre-treatment describes prevention methods taken for new construction projects and homes fortunate enough to be unaffected by termites so far.

Termidor® termite pre-treatment

Typically applied during the construction phase of a foundation, Termidor® can be applied to the entire surface area where a new foundation will be poured.

Should you plan on digging into the ground for a basement foundation, the Termidor® pre-treatment will be applied after the dig site has been cultivated and before any of the actual construction is completed.

Providing the construction crew with a detailed report of treatment is key to prevent removal of the treated ground.

Additional treatments may be necessary as the foundation is poured or erected to ensure adequate prevention. These services also include a one-year total home (non-renewable) termite treatment warranty. 

Borate termite pre-treatment

Borate pre-treatment is slightly different from Termidor® pre-treatment methods. Borate pre-treatment methods are also performed during construction, but after the foundation is poured or erected.

Once the frame of the home is being created, our technicians can use Borate to protect any untreated wood from destructive termites by spraying the wood. The wood will absorb the Borate and retain it for years of future protection and prevention.

Family termite warranty

We are confident in our training and in our products. We provide all of our customers with a one-year termite treatment warranty* that can be transferred if the home is sold. 

We also provide extended termite treatment warranties for any qualifying home. **

*Valid only for subterranean and Formosan termites. Does not include dry wood termites or desert termites. 
**Homeowner must have an inspection performed. Does not include damage from previous termite infestations.

Termite control frequently asked questions

How much does termite control cost?
Pricing for termite control varies. Family Pest Control technicians will determine the pricing based on several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Linear footage around the foundation.
  • A number of holes needed to be drilled for protection applications.
  • The number of bathrooms with plumbing.
  • The extent of conducive conditions for termites.
  • The difficulty of access (crawl spaces, etc.).

How do I renew my termite treatment warranty and how much does it cost?
It’s in your best interest to have extended protection from termites in place, as they can literally destroy your home. In order to renew your termite warranty, we’ll have to perform a termite inspection.

These inspections cost $95 and can be scheduled online or by calling our corporate office directly.

How do I know if I have a termite problem?
Unfortunately, most people identify termite infestations by the damage they cause. Look for peeling paint or discolored, drooping drywall. Wooden surfaces that act as though they’re rotting are good indicators of a problem. Loose tiles, excessively noisy and squeaky floors, and crumbling window sills are all some of the more obvious indicators.

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