The Complete Guide To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your San Antonio Home 

First of all, let's make sure we're on the same page. When we talk about keeping rodents out of your home, we're referring to two rodents in particular. Mice and rats. Why these two? Because mice and rats don't just get into a home; they can get into every inch of a home. Other rodents don't. Squirrels tend to stay in attic spaces. Chipmunks might get into a garage or a shed but seldom get into homes. Woodchucks and gophers stay in your yard and never get inside. And beavers don't even come into your yard. They're all rodents. But they don't present the same threats to your property and to your health. With that behind us, here is your complete guide to keeping rodents out of your San Antonio home.

mouse in texas homeStep 1: Control Food Sources

Rodents eat many things. Some of them may surprise you. If you have any of these food sources in your yard, consider removing, moving, or protecting them.

  • Fruits, veggies, and berries: Install fencing around gardens, fruit tree, and berry bushes. Make sure the fencing is inserted at least a foot into the ground to prevent rodents from burrowing under.
  • Garbage: Keep trash bags inside trash receptacles and clean your receptacles routinely to remove smells that attract rodents.
  • Bird seed: Mice love bird seed that falls to the ground. Put bird feeders at least 20 feet from your home to reduce this food source.
  • Bugs: Mice and rats eat bugs. Everything you do to control bugs around your home can have an impact on rodent populations. The best way to reduce bugs is to invest in a residential pest control program.

Step 2: Remove Water Sources

Rodents need water more than they need food. If your yard has puddles or containers that catch rainwater, it is important to address these. You don't want to give rodents a nice watering hole to wet their whistles.

Step 3: Remove Hiding Places

Mice and rats prefer a yard that has lots of hiding places. This might be a single object in the yard, a pile of objects stacked in your yard, or overgrowth.

  • All it takes is one big item to draw mice and rats to your yard, such as an old refrigerator or a car sitting behind your home.
  • Some rodents like to hide under piles or create burrows under piles, especially piles that consist of organic debris or potential food sources.
  • If you have tall grass, lots of weeds, or some other form of overgrowth, rodents will love you for it.

Step 4: Seal Entry Points

There are many ways rodents can get into a home. Sometimes, they make their own holes to get in, but most often, they make smaller holes larger. Here are some trouble areas you should inspect:

  • Door and window frames.
  • Seals around door and window frames.
  • Door weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Pipe and wire conduit that pass through your foundation.
  • Foundation walls, especially around windows.
  • Soffits.
  • Seals or gaskets around roof penetrations.

Step 5: Reduce Interior Resources

When rodents get into your home, it is important that they don't find ideal living conditions. While a rodent can live inside your home but forage outside for food and water, they prefer a home that gives them food and water options inside.

  • Make sure all interior trash is in a covered trash bin.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Clean spills up immediately.
  • Put pet food down only during mealtimes.
  • Consider putting stored foods that come in cardboard, paper, or thin plastic into sealed, hard plastic containers.

Step 6: Get Help If Needed

Once you've done what you can—or even before—reach out to Family Pest Control. Our rodent control services help to control rodent populations around San Antonio homes by capturing rodents as they enter and exit homes. The state-of-the-art, tamper-resistant traps we deploy are highly effective at managing rodent populations and reducing rodent threats around and inside San Antonio homes. This is just one of many reasons to choose family pest control for rodent control in San Antonio.

Protect your family by reaching out to our family. Family Pest Control provides the highest level of pest control protection in the Greater San Antonio area. Contact us today and get your rodent protection in place. We're standing by to assist you.


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