What’s Attracting Mosquitoes to My San Antonio Home? 

It can seem like mosquitoes are an inevitable part of life, but they aren't. There are certain conditions that make one yard more interesting than another. And, you might think that mosquitoes come into your yard looking to bite you but they don't. Those mosquitoes come into your yard for a variety of other reasons. If you understand what lures mosquitoes onto your property, you can actually have an impact on how many mosquitoes you'll see when you go out to enjoy your yard.

a mosquito on a stick in a san antonio texas garden

Flowers and plants

You may not realize this but mosquitoes consume more carbohydrates than they do blood. While blood is necessary for reproduction, both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar and plant sap to survive. Mosquitoes also use plants as a hiding place during the day to keep themselves from drying out. Consider strategically removing plants to reduce density and reduce mosquitoes.


Those little biting pests will choose damp vegetation over dry vegetation because they need moisture to live. There are a few ways you can keep your landscaping drier.

  • Put space between plants to provide good airflow. This will dry your topsoil quicker after watering.
  • Trim tree branches to let the sunlight into shaded locations that stay moist.
  • Put your sprinkler on a timer so that you don't over water your plants and saturate the ground.

Stagnant Water

Many species of mosquito breed in stagnant water resources and they only need about a half cup of water to do it. Remove objects from your yard that can capture water like toys left out on the lawn, yard equipment, cups and bowls, buckets, the top of recycle bins or trash can lids, construction materials, etc.

When rainwater sits for more than a week, mosquito eggs can hatch in your yard. Be sure to:

  • Loosen compact ground where puddles form.
  • Check your gutters to make sure they are channeling rainwater away from your foundation perimeter.
  • Check you exterior spigots for leaks.
  • If you have a bird feeder, consider adding a water circulator to keep the water moving or put some fish in there. Goldfish do a nice job of eating up baby mosquitoes.

Once you've addressed the conditions that can draw mosquitoes into your yard, the next step is to apply some mosquito control strategies to repel and eliminate mosquitoes.


There are several species of plant that mosquitoes don't like. If you plant these in your landscaping, they can put off a smell that will make mosquitoes less welcome in your yard. Keep in mind that some plants only work when you activate them. You do this by rubbing your hand over the plant to release the mosquito-repelling scent into the air. Other plants won't do much at all unless your pluck a piece and rub it on your skin. A few plants that work nicely to repel mosquitoes are citronella grass, lavender, rosemary, marigolds, and scented geraniums.


When it comes to killing mosquitoes, it is best to contact a licensed professional. Using the wrong product to kill mosquitoes can be very harmful to you and your family. An educated and experienced pest professional uses scientifically proven products that target mosquitoes and prevent them from developing from egg to adult.

At Family Pest Control, we offer two solutions for stopping mosquitoes dead in their tracks. Our misting service works to knockdown 95% of existing mosquito populations and continues to control 75% of mosquito populations between visits. With this service, you're going to notice a big difference, fast.

We also offer a green solution in the form of In2Care Mosquito traps. These traps use the natural behavior of female mosquitoes to spread a larvicide to hard-to-find mosquito breeding sites around your yard. This is a powerful solution for Aedes mosquitoes, which spread extremely harmful viruses like Dengue and Zika.

For more information about either of these mosquito control solutions, reach out to us today. We service the Greater San Antonio area with industry-leading pest control solutions. Take your backyard back. With seasonal mosquito treatments for your yard, you can enjoy outdoor time with your family with far less risk of mosquito-borne diseases.


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