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Family evicts uninvited wildlife from your home

Though not exactly what you’d expect from a pest control company, wildlife control is another specialty of the experts at Family Pest Control. We know that bugs and rodents aren’t the only pests plaguing homes in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We have made it a point to train our technicians to deal with a variety of wildlife that are indigenous to our area including squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and skunks.

Wildlife are capable of causing damage to our properties, introducing other pest or harm to our pets. Should one of these animals take up residence on your property, know that our local team has the expertise to resolve the problem.

Our wildlife control process

Family Pest Control has a comprehensive process for finding, trapping, and preventing these nuisance visitors. This process includes inspection, treatment, and follow-up.

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Wildlife inspection

Though some of our customers are aware of the type of critter that has moved in on their property, many of the people that become part of our family haven’t been able to identify what they’re dealing with.

Expect our experts to identify which animals have taken up residence and determine the severity of  your infestation.

A Family Pest Control technician will develop a detailed report on their findings, outlining the conducive conditions and damage, as well as potential pain points that could be inviting unwanted visitors to move in.

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Wildlife trapping & removal services

Our experts will install traps in areas that the identified critters are inhabiting. There is no area too small or too obscure.

We are prepared to treat attics and crawl spaces, as well as foundations and outbuildings.

Our 100% humane traps are proven effective in the capture and relocation for release of nuisance wildlife.

Follow up services

In many scenarios, our customers are dealing with more than just a single animal. It’s not rare for a family or community of creatures to move in once an area has been identified as hospitable. Our experts will return to your property within a couple days of setting the first traps. We’ll remove animals that have been caught, and replace or reset the same traps.

To prevent future issues, our certified technicians will provide you with an estimate for exclusion work to stop more unwanted company from moving in. Remember, removing the wildlife is only half the battle. If you don’t fix the reasons you’re dealing with them to begin with, they will simply return. We will provide you with an estimate for wildlife cleanup services, if deemed necessary.


Wildlife control frequently asked questions

How much does wildlife control cost?
For larger animals, Family Pest Control charges $299 as a flat rate. This includes the inspection, initial service, and a follow-up visit.

For visits beyond the usual scope, we charge an additional $85 per visit.

Smaller animal pricing may differ. It’s possible a small animal will fall into the rodent control category.

If I find a wild animal in my attic or crawl space, what should I do?
Under no circumstances do we suggest that you try to remove unwanted animals without the proper training and background. Animals like raccoons and skunks could be rabid, and carry dangerous diseases, while all animals could attack out of fear. Wildlife can be aggressive when threatened.

What health risks are associated with Texas wildlife?
If wildlife remain on your property unchecked, they can contaminate your food sources or attack your pets. Many of these animals, like raccoons, are known to carry fleas, ticks, and mites that can find their way into your home, leading to a whole plethora of problems beyond the original nuisance animals.


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