A Guide To Preventing Fire Ants From Entering Your Home

Fire ants might be considered a harmless presence outside the average home, but once they enter the property, they can pose a significant danger. Fire ants have a painful sting and are known to attack any perceived threats. This means fire ants are among the most aggressive ant species in the United States. To ensure they don’t enter the home, it’s important to work directly with an experienced San Antonio fire ant removal company. And in this latest article, the team at Family Pest Control presents their guide to preventing fire ants entering the home.

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Seal Cracks Around Windows And Doors

The vast majority of ant infestation issues begin with one or two ants making their way through a small crack within the framing of a window or door. By sealing all cracks with caulking, homeowners can prevent fire ants from easily making their way into the property.

Line The Home With A Tape Barrier

Another effective method of preventing ants from entering the property is using tape. A tape barrier can be used to catch ants trying to make their way around the home. Placing the tape adhesive side-up will present a significant barrier to ants and other non-flying insects in the home. Double-sided tape is the best solution for this type of barrier.

Follow The Ant Trail To Find The Entryway

For homeowners that have already experienced ant intrusion into their home, it’s important to follow the trail to see how the insects are making their way inside. Homeowners can then seal the area of the home and ensure that an entryway is no longer a viable option for the colony. Small holes can be sealed with putty, plaster, or glue.

Use Natural Ant Deterrents

There are a number of natural ant deterrents they will prevent an ant from trying to making their way towards the property. Many homeowners are now using pepper essential oil, for example. Peppermint is toxic to ants and so they won’t cross any barrier made using peppermint products. Homeowners can simply apply a small amount of peppermint essential oil in areas where ants have been spotted inside the property to help prevent further infestation.

Consult A San Antonio Fire Ant Removal Specialist

For those that have tried the latest methods to protect their property and yet are still finding ants inside their home, calling an experienced San Antonio fire ant removal firm is the next best step. The fire ant removal team can help assess the issue and then provide precise and effective solutions using their experience in responding to this type of issue.

The specialists at Family Pest Control are available now to address all fire ant control and removal issues. To learn more on the company and their services, call our office today or visit their business website at

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