Discover More On The Importance Of Fire Ant Control

They’re a problem for homeowners throughout Texas, but many are only recently taking the issue of fire ant control more seriously. Our team has had decades of experience in dealing with this pest, and in our latest post, we’re taking a look at the reasons to take on professional fire ant control in the coming months.

  • Fire Ants Can Swarm and Attack
    One of the largest dangers associated with fire ants is their ability to swarm and attack. Recent attacks have caused significant injuries to healthy adults attacked by ant swarms.
  • Fire Ants Destroy Crops
    Fire ants also have a voracious appetite for vegetation. They can destroy crop yields in minutes and may cause significant damage to your garden space if you allow the infestation to grow over time.
  • Fire Ants Have a Painful Bite
    The bite from a single fire ant can be exceptionally painful and cause swelling. And this pain is only multiplied with a fire ant infestation.

Make sure you take a proactive approach to protect your home with fire ant control services from local professionals. To book an appointment with an expert, call us today!

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