Tick Prevention For San Antonio Pet Owners This Summer

image of a tick

You know a pest is bad when you have to keep them around after pulling them out of your skin. If you regularly visit the outdoors, we would guess that “checking for ticks” is a regular saying for you, especially because of how dangerous these pests can be. Do you have a plan in place for the ticks on and around your property?

Why Ticks Are Year-Round Here In Texas

Science in past years has tested how much heat and cold affect ticks. For the longest time, it was a common thought that ticks go away or become inactive during the wintertime. However, recent studies show that some species, such as the deer tick, can be active into and through the coldest of months. Of course, this doesn’t matter in Texas because our temperatures rarely drop low enough to affect ticks. Because of this, ticks are year-round here and always a constant threat to both humans and pets alike.

The Dangers Of Ticks

Remember earlier when we mentioned keeping ticks around after pulling them out of your skin? We are not suggesting keeping them around as a trophy of the kill. The reason you should keep ticks stored (in a plastic bag in the freezer) after they have bitten you is that this might help you figure out what you are sick with if you get sick. Many tick-borne diseases are extremely hard to track or identify by symptoms alone. However, if you bring in a tick that bit you when you go to the doctors, you give the doctor an easier way to identify and treat any potential illnesses you may have contracted. Hopefully, after this article, you will be on your way to not having to worry about ticks on your property, regardless.

How To Keep Ticks Out Of Your Property

Dealing with ticks on your own can be a daunting task. Yes, you can keep your yard trimmed and less likely to attract unwanted ticks, but there is always the chance that they will be in your bushes, wooded areas, or even on wandering animals. The good news is that ticks can be reliably treated with professional pest control.

Why Call Family Pest Control For Help

Here at Family Pest Control, we value health and safety and understand the positive effect professional tick control can have on these things. For this reason, you can know when you hire us that we will make sure the job gets done right and you get the protection you, your family, and your pets need. Find out what this commitment looks like for you and your home today, give Family Pest Control a call.

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