Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control

It's finally vacation season! You're in for a well-deserved rest. While you sit outside, a loud, whining buzz rings in your ear, and your hair stands up straight. You try quickly to slap them off your forearms, but it’s too late. Itchy, red bumps pop up from your skin, and you accept defeat from one of the world’s most notorious insect pests. 
We’re fully into mosquito season here in San Antonio, and the fight to keep them off of our properties and out of our homes is on! 
While there are steps that you can take to deter mosquitoes from taking over your yard and home, once they’re there, getting rid of them by yourself is nearly impossible. Mosquito females lay up to 300 eggs at a time, spreading her young around your yard in shallow, stagnant puddles that can be as small as a bottle cap.
Mosquitoes carry quite the punch despite their tiny bodies. Besides their stinging bite, these insects carry a multitude of illnesses that affect the majority of the world's population. There are far worse illnesses spread through mosquito bites than the commonly publicized malaria. They can also spread dangerous diseases such as the Zika virus, West Nile virus, encephalitis, bird flu to name a few. Even heartworm disease can be delivered to your four-legged friend with a single bite, putting your household pets at risk for a life-threatening sickness. 
Many individuals will opt for home treatments that they can do themselves; from traps and candles to wrist bands and phone apps. While every technique has some merit, most DIY methods are pretty ineffective, and may even be harmful.

Products vs. Pros

The list of mosquito products that promise to eliminate your exposure to these bugs is vast. Anything from sticky tape to citronella candles claim to conquer mosquitoes; however, many such methods just don't work. 
Despite what the advertisements say, citronella candles have been proven to draw mosquitoes towards them, not repel them. Further, they are not any more effective than regular candles, which emit the same levels of light, heat, and moisture that draw the bugs to the source. 
Sticky tapes will only treat the symptoms of your bug issue, not the source. When eliminating mosquitoes, you want to keep them from coming back, not merely manage the number of bites you get. Worse, some traps may kill endangered or useful bugs in your yards, such as honeybees and butterflies.
Wristbands and phone apps, are time-sensitive, and may only maintain their usefulness for a few minutes. Skin repellents only protect the parts of your body that are sprayed leaving other areas vulnerable to the hungry pests to snack on. 
Professional pest control methods are the best mosquito elimination treatments available on the market today and work to safeguard your property, both now and in the future. This method of mosquito control offers many benefits that DIY strategies simply cannot.

Family Focuses on Solutions

Whether you’re ready or not, mosquitoes are here to stay for the entire summer. These crafty bugs double both as an aggravating, itchy pest and a disease carrier of potentially deadly proportions. Adult mosquitoes may be managed a little, but certainly not avoided entirely through any DIY or lawn care methods. Professional mosquito treatments are the safest and most effective mosquito control that you can invest in this summer. Don’t let mosquitoes get the upper hand on your property. Call our helpful staff members at Family Pest Control to speak with one of our professionals now if you are concerned with mosquito infestations during the growing season. 
Serving the San Antonio area for over 35 years with professional pest control services, we at Family Pest Control understand the frustrations that mosquito infestations bring. We use a combination of chemical misting and In2Care Mosquito Traps, which control the insect's population by 75 percent in one month. Our pest control technicians always work hard, which is why we’ve won Angie’s Best Super Service Award 6 years in a row. Reach out to us today to schedule your mosquito inspection and consultation, and let us at Family Pest Control help serve your unique pest control needs.

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