3 Tips For Quarantining Your Home When You Encounter Bed Bugs

Dec 12, 2017

Bed bugs have a significantly negative impact on the home environment. Their presence can make it difficult to sleep in your home bed. They can bite the skin and cause itchy, painful rashes to occur. These issues make it imperative to successful quarantine your home when you encounter a problem with bed bugs. And so in this post, our San Antonio bed bug control experts provide their three tips for quarantining your home during a bed bug outbreak.

a bed bug crawling on human skin inside of a home in san antonio texas

Take All Bedding And Place It In Plastic Trash Bags

Before committing to the quarantining process, take all your bedding and place it in sealable plastic bags. Before sealing the bags, place insecticide strips in the bags to kill the insect while leaving clothes untouched.

Vacuum Underneath the Mattress and Along the Headboard

When completing the quarantining process and removing infected elements from the area, it’s important to first vacuum underneath the mattress of the bed to catch any bugs that might have made their way to the area. You might also vacuum along the headboard to ensure any remaining bugs are removed.

Contact Local San Antonio Bed Bug Control Firm

Once you’ve placed your bedding in sealable plastic bags and cleaned, and vacuumed the mattress and headboard, it’s time to contact a local bed bug control firm to complete the bed bug removal process. The firm will guide you on any further quarantine steps you must take. Further potential steps might be required based on the severity of the bed bug infestation issue.

Bed bug control must be taken seriously in order to keep your family safe from bed bug issues this spring and summer. To learn more on bed bug control techniques or speak with a trusted expert, call our office today!


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