A Guide To Spotting And Controlling Insect Entry Points In The Home

Mar 5, 2018

Insects can have a significant impact on your home. The effects range from damage to furniture to biting human skin and causing allergic reactions and this means that homeowners must be proactive in isolating the problem and preventing insects from entering the home in the future. In this latest article, the team at Family Pest Control in Live Oak, TX presents their guide to spotting and controlling insect entry points in the home.

a torn mesh window cover in a san antonio texas home

Lines Of Ants On Walls Indicate Cracks In Structure

One of the most common home entry points for ants is cracks within the walls and the window framing of the home. These cracks can allow entire ant colonies to eventually make their way inside the home and cause problems in kitchen spaces. By sealing cracks effectively at the first sign of a problem, homeowners can mitigate this issue and prevent ants from damaging the home structure.

Wasps Enter Through Window Framing

One of the most common forms of insect intrusion within local homes is in the form of wasps. These insects can initially make their way into the home through the framing within doors and windows. Homeowners will often see a small number of wasps in direct contact with the door or window outside the home. Homeowners may then find the wasp’s nest tucked between the ceiling and the walls within the home. Oftentimes the nest will be in an attic space, at the highest point in the home where the wasps feel safe from predators. It’s important for homeowners not to try and deal with a wasp’s nest without specialist help.

Bed Bugs Enter On Luggage Or Bedding

It might be a simple trip to a friend’s house for a sleepover that brings bed bugs into the home. Or it might be an exotic trip to a foreign location, but these creatures can cause untold issues throughout the property. They can attach themselves to clothing and bedding, then bite the skin and cause irritation. Their movement can also prevent homeowners and their families from sleeping throughout the night. If you spot rust-colored areas on your bedding and clothes, this is a clear indicator of a bed bug issue.

Cockroaches Find Their Way Through Vents And Walls

Cockroaches can find their way into the home in numerous areas. You’ll often discover single cockroaches within your cupboards, having made their way through kitchen and bathroom vents. They tend to prefer warmer areas of the home to hide and can sneak through very small holes in kitchen doors and windows. To prevent a full-scale cockroach infestation, call a professional pest control expert the moment a cockroach is spotted in the Live Oak, TX home.

The Family Pest Control team is available to guide proactive pest control strategies around the clock. To learn more, call their Live Oak, TX pest control team now.


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