Plants That Protect Your Lawn From Ants

Jan 13, 2017

When ants find their way into your garden spaces, they can chew through vegetation and burrow into the lawn, causing significant damage throughout the space. There are many techniques used to mitigate the impact of ants in the Texas garden, and one of the most common is to use protective plants. In this latest post, our Live Oak, TX pest control experts highlight several plants that protect your lawn from ants.

crown imperial flowers outside of a home in san antonio texas

Crown Imperial

Used across Washington state to protect homes against the impact of bugs, crown imperial is quickly becoming more common in the southern areas of the United States. In addition to protecting against ants, the plant has a musky odor that pests such as mice and voles hate. This will help if you’re having an issue with mice and squirrels digging up your lawn and damaging exterior areas of the home structure.


The fragrant scent of basil is one with which we’re all familiar. The plant is known to repel ants, mosquitoes and house flies. So, for those of you that are having persistent problems with flies throughout the humid summer months, try to plant some basil close to the perimeter of the home. You should find the pest’s numbers dwindle as the months move forward.


Ants simply detest the smell of mint. And so if you’re having an issue with ant mounds throughout the property, you can quickly resolve the issue by planting mint. It’s important to only plant mint in a container, however, as the plant can be aggressive and quickly take over the lawn if it’s not separated from the rest of the space.

Our Live Oak, TX pest control team is ready to help you protect your lawn throughout 2017! To discover more on plants that safeguard lawns against ants, contact our team now.


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