Three Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Feb 26, 2018

Bed bugs can have a significant impact on any home. Not only can their bite break the skin, causing itching and potentially leading to allergic reactions, but their movement can also keep residents awake at night. They’re a common nuisance and it requires effective bed bug control work to remove them from the San Antonio home. To help you ensure bed bugs are removed immediately from the first sign of a problem, we’re highlighting three signs of a bed bug infestation, in this latest post.

a bed bug crawling on fabric inside of a home in san antonio texas
  1. Musty Odor
    One of the first signs many homeowners notice is a musty odor throughout their property. This smell can extend through various areas of the home and is often related to the bed bug eggs, which have a distinct smell.
  2. Reddish Spots
    If you have a bed bug issue within your home, you’ll soon notice reddish, rusty looking spots on fabrics such as bed covers. These are the bed bug excrement, which will be highlighted in homes with a significant bed bug presence.
  3. Flat Bugs In The Bedroom
    Finally, one of the clearest signs of bed bug presence is the bed bugs themselves. They are a flat insect with a round body and a spherical head. They are usually reddish-brown or light brown in color and will move quickly.

By learning more on bed bug appearance and behavior, you can learn how to spot the insect and ensure they’re removed from your home. For guidance on the removal process, call our San Antonio bed bug control team now.


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