Natural Scorpion Control Tips

Scorpions can find their way into your home through small cracks inside your windows and doors. Once inside, their presence can be a danger to children and small animals in the home. To help guide you on scorpion removal, we’re highlighting our natural scorpion control tips in this latest post.

Use Cedar Around The Home

The scent of cedar has long been used as a natural deterrent to prevent scorpions from entering specific areas. Cedar granules can be bought to ward-off scorpions, rats, and snakes from your property. Simply sprinkling them in areas within close proximity to doorways and windows is one of the best ways to naturally prevent scorpions from entering the home.

Use Cinnamon In Areas Across The Property

Like cedar, cinnamon is a scent that scorpions and many other bugs hate. If you sprinkle the product around the entryways to your home, you’ll likely to limit problems with scorpions throughout the year. Make sure you replenish the product every few weeks to maintain its freshness and ensure it retains its scent over time.

Working with trusted scorpion control professionals can help to keep your home safe for the coming years. Our team at Family Pest Control has decades of experience in pest control services. To discover more about our company and our services, call us today!

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