Discover Fun Facts About Pest Control

Technician explaining pest control services

In learning more about the pests around the home, it can be interesting to discover the fun facts on life in the animal world. The team at Family Pest Control has many years of experience working with bugs, rodents, and other forms of pest, and in this latest article, they’re highlighting several fun facts about pests and pest control.

  • Some Male Spiders Pluck Their Cobwebs Like a Guitar, To Attract Female Spiders.
    The spider uses the process to attract female spiders to their web for mating. They can pluck their cobwebs to emit a low-frequency noise that catches the attention of other spiders.
  • A Flea Can Jump 130 Times Its Height.
    Much like ants, fleas are capable of amazing feats of strength and agility. They can jump 130 times their own height, which makes them a nuisance to deal with within the home. This means they can move from surface to surface quickly and avoid detection.
  • Ants Don’t Sleep.
    Known as the hardest workers of the insect world, ants actually don’t sleep. They stay awake their entire lives.
  • Cockroaches Are Attracted to Alcohol.
    Many species of cockroach, particularly the American cockroach are attracted to alcohol.  Beer is among the most alluring scents to the cockroach.
  • The Number Of Insect Species Is Between 6 And 10 million.
    The number of different insect species is between 6 and 10 million across the globe, and so it’s no wonder that pest intrusions are so common.  Insects are the most common animal population and are found in all corners of the globe.
  • Most Rodents Are Herbivores.
    The vast majority of rodents are herbivores, and so they only eat plants, nuts, and seeds. Their teeth are ideal for chewing through the tough exterior of most nuts, which unfortunately also makes them ideal for chewing through wiring and other elements in your home!

We hope you’ve learned a lot through these fun facts about pest control. To learn more about pest control and other fun facts about the animal world, call the trusted team at Family Pest Control directly.

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