Learn How to Control Fire Ant Numbers With Our Latest Tips

Close Up of Fire Ant

Fire ants are a dangerous element within the family home. Not only can they chew through materials in the home, but they also have a nasty bite that can injure pets and young children. To help control fire ant populations within your home, we’re highlighting the following three tips.

  1. Watch For Fire Ant Mounds Around The Home
    The first sign of fire ant activity around your property is usually the fire ant mounds that their colonies develop as a means to tunnel underground and through wood and other materials. Watch for mounds developing around your yard and make sure that you identify the problem immediately.
  2. Book Fire Ant Removal Services
    If you suspect a fire ant issue in the home, don’t wait to book fire ant removal services. Fire ant numbers can grow quickly over time. What begins as a small infestation one day becomes a significant infestation later. Make sure that you book experts at the first sign of a problem.
  3. Have Any Entryways Blocked Off
    The expert will likely identify the entryways that the fire ants used to get into the home. Make sure that you have all open areas removed so that the ants can no longer enter the property in the future. This can help to protect your home and keep your family secure.

To discover more on the many techniques for controlling fire ant populations around your home, call our fire ant control experts now!

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